Some Updates to my Blog ^^ Saturday, July 28, 2007

since i have the time so i have done some updating to my blog ^^
it has been a long time since i last update >_<
I am juz being veri lazy

this week is pretty oki cos is onli the start of uni ^^
but can sense that hell is goin to come pretty soon -_- eeekkkk
so will be "BUSY"
is good in the sense as life will be more meaningful ^^
afterall i am a workaholic mah

juz finish reading my cousin's blog
haha interesting ^^ *monster*
no offence... juz wanted to say that this word is no longer in my dictionary
when is the last time that i have used this word??
haiz..... i am juz sososo old o_O

rite now... beside studying and thesis....
guess wat i did???
participating in Bodhi Nite
is here once again ^^
is realli fun ^^
again i took part in Choir and dance as well ^^

when i introduce myself to the grp, i said it in such a way:
"Hi I am Esther, 2nd yr in Choir"
All of them started laughing..... including my good fren who is also the president

is it tat funny >_<

so today when one of my fren who joined last yr happened to miss a key on purpose.... my president was like "u can't do tat u are in second yr of Choir Degree"
then she turned to me and say "Is tat rite, Esther"
I couldn't stop laughing and juz said "Stop it lah"
haa ahaaa

so it will be FUN this yr ^^

goin to watch more anime ^^


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Classical Music daisuki ^^

wahhhhhh i love classical musics
is so soothing and it realli ease the mind

as far my fav now is "Ave Maria" and "Canon in D Major"

i always haf this interest therefore i love to go for orchestra concert
my preferences are voilin and piano ^^
haha still remember the times when i played piano
it was like dun no how many donkey yrs ago >_<

i juz watched an anime which is abt classical music as well
is so nice
is called "Kin-iro no Corda (金色のコルダ)"

I love the guy in blue hair who played the voilin ^^
so shuai ^^
haha i noe he is fake lah dun haf to remind me tat
but i love this character ^^ muakie
he is juz so cool

a realli good storyline
recommended by me ^^

I always feel tat a guy who noe how to play an instrument is realli cool
hehe wat u all think??


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I Love Tea ^^ Monday, July 23, 2007

Some of the pics that i found ^^
yesh went for tea the last time i went back to s'pore

besides Hot choco, i love tea as well ^^ especially rose
love the taste ^^

went with michelle and shuyun ^^

haha still remember we were laughing our heads off when michelle ordered her earl grey
no offence. i know is nice but sounds like for elderly ppl haaa ahaa

Michelle: I wan an earl grey
Me: Is for Old ppl....
Michelle: no is not
Me: yes it is ^^
Shuyun: why order earl grey??

Me and shuyun started laughing ^^
I forgot who agreed with us that earl grey is for old ppl haa aahaa

had a wonderful nite
realli missed the chilled out time in s'pore *Love*

Me and my darling Shuyun ^^

haa ahaa forgot why i took this ^^ but the mushrooms are cute
is outside shawhse if i not mistaken ^^
this pic taken by michelle hehe

Let's go for more tea the next time i come back oki hee ehee


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Aroma Fest and Hot Pot ^^

Went Aroma Fest yesterday ^^ Last Outing before actual school starts....

went with seniors and unifrens ^^

Aroma fest is basically a fest for ppl who love coffee ^^
there are realli all sorts of diff kinds of coffee o_O
but since i can't drink coffee..... i go for their hot choco
we drank like the $1 hot choco and coffee.....
it tasted ermmm.......... not nice >_< no wonder $1 but lots of ppl queue for it..... dun understd why...... maybe is cheap... tat's why -_-

Look at the ppl and stalls ^^

the place sold cup cakes and honey, etc.....
bought a bottle of honey ^^ *yummy*
and the cup cakes are realli cute, it looks so pretty tat they looked like fake ^^

Giant Cup Cake
is "REAL"

We wan to have a bite too ^^ open my mouth too big... my saliva nearly drop into the cup cake
haa ahaaa

Look at the diff types of choco ^^ pretty rite hehe

See our Happy face hehe ^^

The thing that we like to do in winter is..... make a guess?? hehe

The soup and many diff kinds of dishes ^^

is realli heaven to eat hot pot during winter
I love it
had been eating lots of Hot Pot this winter ^^
this Hot Pot is in Burwood and is delicious... superb
and is not expensive ^^

The one on the left is extremely spicy o_O

we went to sing ktv after the hot pot ^^
is $2/hr for each person ^^ veri cheap
but we dun haf much voice left after eating the spicy side -_-

Is realli fun hehe

Love Love

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My Birthday Presents 2007^^ Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sorry I took so long to post up the presents that i have received for my birthday ^^
thanks to my parents, cousins, buddies, unifrens and hsemate ^^

Tada hehe some of the pics that i have taken ^^

My 2007 Birthday cards frm my dear ones ^^ muakie

Best Wishes from Eve, Lala and Xin ^^
Thanks alot muakie realli love the file is so cute ^^

Chocolate from Germany frm Qian ^^ muahaha i Love Choco
Precious Moments my fav ^^
Thanks gals

TAKO haa ahaaa so cute ^^ look juz like me
and is sososo comfy love love
is in pink my fav color *kiss*

Hahahaah dog training book frm my hsemate
he is so funny cos i love dog so he bought me this book so i can train my future dog ^^
the dogs are realli cute ^^

Medium Brown Bag frm New York ^^
thanks darling love it alot
seems like the ang mohs here love it too
they say "Is A Lovely Bag" ^^

Lastly my dress frm my unifrens ^^
hahaha love it, is my style now
cos i love wearing dress ^^
Thanks "Daddy" for buying so many wines during the KTV and got us all drank >_<
that nite is crazy, is really fun

I am realli fortunate to have all of u ^^
A Big "THANK YOU" ^^

As for my families presents are jewelleries ^^ too many of them diff to take pics
The jewels are realli pretty "muakie"

This birthday is GREAT
Love u all muakie

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My Body Is Aching Thursday, July 19, 2007

My whole body regardless of muscles or bones are aching
arhhhhh........... so painful -_-
haa ahaaa i brought this upon myself......
been feeling like this ever since the skiing trip in melbourne cos my skill is not tat good
i went for rock climbing after the skiing trip and i think i over-exert myself o_O
this week went for body combat and i strained my arms...... and today i went for rock climbing again......
was thinking wat's goin on with my frens..... seems like they are addicted to rock climbing these days......
well is my fav sport so i dun mind ^^ but it realli strained my arms -_-

my goals now is to:
1)work hard for my next semester expecially thesis
2)train for my City to Surf (is a 14Km run...... so have to train for it cos i dun no when is the last time tat i run.... was it like 4yrs ago for 2.4km??? tat's long.....)

so Ganbatte.....

went for chill out and the music is eekkk "trance"..... i hate it...... but chilling out is fun hehe

Love Love

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Workaholic Monday, July 16, 2007

Workaholic..... is what my frens have been used to describe....
Am i??? haha the reason of me working so hard is to make full use of my time
i dun wan my time to be wasted.....
i rather have stuffs to do then not having any ^^

sch goin to start less than a week ^^
haf been preparing the necessary stuffs for my lab
promise myself to start this week..... tat's why frens say i workaholic
the reason is "I Scared I Can't Finish It...."
So Ganbatte hehe

Well find a new way to relieve stress
which is "Body Combat"
although i still prefer Body Attack
afterall exercise = de-stress

haha my favourite ^^

Love Love

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The feeling of having someone important is precious Friday, July 13, 2007

12 and 13 July marked the departure of my mummy and three new frens that i have met during this melbourne trip (they have returned to singapore) as well as 2 of my housemates.

seems like a part of me is missing....

I really like them alot: "dai suki desu"
is realli fortunate to have this feeling of having to like someone ^^

on the other hand.....
things will never be the same again...... everything has come to an end...... when this post is published..... it will mark the moment of letting go of the feeling that i have been clinging on for the past few yrs..... is time to let go and be strong....
I know i will be able to do it...... although is hard but i will try my best ^^

Like the title "the feeling of having someone important is precious"
i guess i have found mine..... although i may not be the one precious to him.....

holiday is going to end pretty soon..... is time to work hard again

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