My Birthday Presents 2007^^ Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sorry I took so long to post up the presents that i have received for my birthday ^^
thanks to my parents, cousins, buddies, unifrens and hsemate ^^

Tada hehe some of the pics that i have taken ^^

My 2007 Birthday cards frm my dear ones ^^ muakie

Best Wishes from Eve, Lala and Xin ^^
Thanks alot muakie realli love the file is so cute ^^

Chocolate from Germany frm Qian ^^ muahaha i Love Choco
Precious Moments my fav ^^
Thanks gals

TAKO haa ahaaa so cute ^^ look juz like me
and is sososo comfy love love
is in pink my fav color *kiss*

Hahahaah dog training book frm my hsemate
he is so funny cos i love dog so he bought me this book so i can train my future dog ^^
the dogs are realli cute ^^

Medium Brown Bag frm New York ^^
thanks darling love it alot
seems like the ang mohs here love it too
they say "Is A Lovely Bag" ^^

Lastly my dress frm my unifrens ^^
hahaha love it, is my style now
cos i love wearing dress ^^
Thanks "Daddy" for buying so many wines during the KTV and got us all drank >_<
that nite is crazy, is really fun

I am realli fortunate to have all of u ^^
A Big "THANK YOU" ^^

As for my families presents are jewelleries ^^ too many of them diff to take pics
The jewels are realli pretty "muakie"

This birthday is GREAT
Love u all muakie

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