Moving Sunday, January 27, 2008

yes as wat is written, i am moving to a new blog ^^.
I have great memories in this blog, but since i have been saying that i have to move on, so i was thinking why not just move to a new link and start everything all over again. tat will also be a new chapter of my life ^^. well like i haf mentioned before, many memories still lie in this blog. be it a good or bad ones. from gathering with the love ones to arguing with "You Know Who", being single again which is much later, "Ai Mei" along the way and lastly how everyone who are closed to me in aussie starts to see me differently,etc... well is still hard to be optimisstic but will definitely try my best.
My new address will be this new link. a new journey begins hehe.

Really miss u all ^^.


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Happy New Year ^^ Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year to all my dear ones.
Time flies, is the year 2008 ^^
May this year be wonderful for all of us ^^


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Problem........... Monday, December 10, 2007

Problem.... i guess everyone has their own.... is onli how u deal with it.....
To me i am juz sucks at handling problem..... i juz cry the hell out of it.... and worst making the ppl ard worrying abt me.... when will i ever grow up????
guess i have to learn not to take everything to heart.... well it is easy to said than done.....

when i looked myself in the mirror... i looked sososso old...... and unhappy.... seriously i realli can't find a single cell on my face tat say happy...... haiz no longer had the glow in me anymore...... well i think i muz realli have to try to be happy and not look happy.... happiness comes frm within ^_^

"Don't Worry Be Happy" Tat will be my new motto.

yay got my cairns photo ^^
goin to upload soon but is already in the facebook ^^
thanks Junia and Jan for uploading it


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Alive and back from graduation trip ^^ Saturday, December 01, 2007

haha december is here. december is the mth i call it the celebration mth.
i always look forward to this mth cos i will be back hm. but this time round i am stuck here doing research..... but guess have to look on the bright side.... taking this as an opportunity to experience different things^^. basically to leave my comfort zone...

well back frm graduation trip frm cairns last tuesday ^^
cairns = northen part of Queensland ^^ which took abt 2 hrs flight journey frm sydney.
no pics yet, will get it tonight, hopefully will upload some.... cos Esther is a super lazy gal.

well wat we did there??
1) jungel trekking
2) scuba diving
3) snookling
4) white water rafting
5) kayaking to frizoy island

outdoor stuffs???? yes.... this is wat ppl do there..... not much of shopping and relax ard..
I heart scuba diving. the best experience i ever had ^^ the marine life in Great Barrier Reef is fantastic ^^. never in my life haf i dive before. this is a great experience although is onli introductory ^^ we saw turtle and lots of nemo. and the cousin of nemo and the fish wif a scar frm finding nemo. not forgetting lots of huge clams and other fishes ^^
I saw small sting ray while snookling and the "Da Er Long" fish frm shark tale. call puffy fish?? the one tat can be bloated haha

there is price to pay >_<. tat is consistent Lau saiing (LS) back in sydney..... the grp still trying to find out why....... is hard to find the reason to why cos some of us either did not LS or LS at different time.... so we concluded that we are "weak". haha

is a fun trip ^^ love it

pics will be upload soon


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Lucky??? Monday, November 12, 2007

haiz..... the word lucky seems soso distance......i am so unlucky this sem.......

the list are...... juz name a few.....

1) markstrat came last 3 although we are always in the middle.... wat happen???
2)wanted to apply PR.... guess wat not enough points........>_< i am the onli one tat has not enough points....... can u believed it??? there goes my PhD......
3)my master research is the only one tat has no funding..... cos i refused to change prof...... haiz......

well u must be thinking no big deal.... cos is onli abt studying...... but is a student worst nightmare u know....

haiz like i say...... i been through enough so i not going to mind anything that pops up along the way.....

seems like sighing will cut down the lifespan of a human.... is a myth..... if is true guess i have not much years left..... cos i kept sighing......

well have to be optimistic rite... so i will try to be one.......
afterall i have my families, frens ard me so i am bless in a way. so be grateful to wat i have now ^_^

oki enough of complaining.... haha we have came to a conclusion that s'porean love complaining haa ahaa

oki LoveLove

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Happy Birthday Darling ^^ Thursday, November 08, 2007

Today is my darling's birthday ^^

Happy Birthday to you
A Big Kiss frm Me "MUAKIE"

My darling is my besto buddy. we have known each other since sec school^^ wonderful times.
whenever i am down or happy she is always there. realli miss the times when we have a chat at the void deck.
she has a great voice too ^^ veri talented in drawing too, remember she used to draw anime character and my fav kero chan hehe

Darling jia you in your work oki ^^ is hard in the working force but you can do it ^^
This is my darling on the right and lovable michelle on the left hehe ^^

I love this pic alot ^^ is so cute and pretty
i got it frm facebook hehe ^^

Love u gals

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Back to socialise ^^ Wednesday, November 07, 2007

been almost a mth since i last blog >_<
haiz have been real busy.............
due to thesis -_- lots of stuffs to type......
wat haf i been doing?? nothing much other than being a total geek..... well geek rule the whole wat.... ao i dun mind being one haaahaaa

one more paper to go and is the end of bachelor and the start of master..... -_- haha was wondering whether i ever get tired of studying??? but definitely not now ^^ maybe is juz an excuse not to step into the outside world.... i am one tat do not prefer to leave my comfort zone......

haiz...... will not being going home for either christmas or CNY cos of summer project....... sianz to the core...... the worst of all is.... i am starting to hate this place....... realli feel like going hm...... if not due to the sucky education back hm...... i won't be here for so long....

some stuffs are still the same...... i have tried my best to change the situation...... but is still the same...... so I GIVE UP....... i am not trying to be someone tat i am not anymore..... juz let nature takes it course.... i am realli tired..... wat's the point??? when i think to myself......

haha went shopping with kirby and Jimmy the other day. is realli fun ^^ especially the conversation on the "ming dynasty Gal"... like i say back to socialise ^^
I love making frens..... i have once said before..... I can have no boyfren.... but not frens...... i realli treasure my frens alot.... especially Creepy Kamx ^^ although i never show it.....

05-11-2007 is My beloved DADDY's Birthday ^^
haiz another year not being able to celebrate with him.... realli miss the old times......

a BIG kiss frm me "MUAKIE"

I have lost lots of dear ones this yr.... so i am not goin to lose anymore..... but like i said i have tried my best.... if u all still see me as someone different.... i have noThing more to say..... juz let it be....... i have been through alot this one yr.... so i am not goin to mind anymore nonsense tat pop up along the way......

nothing matters more than getting a degree and go home to reunite with family, frens and Creepy kamx ^^


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