Busy Weeks ^^ Saturday, March 26, 2005

Wild Wild Wet
Outing wif my cousins ^^ and major sun-tanning.
I ended up having serious sun-burn (looks like those red lobsters....)

I always wonder.... do CHI-NA ppl have any manners or discipline?????
I went for a bathe after the whole thing....
As the toilet was full.... we haf to queue up
Then, I saw this Chi-na woman cutting queue
Ppl were nagging behind her back but she juz dun care.....

All of a sudden.... his son juz bend down to peep at the small opening at the bottom of the door..... I felt really disgusted..... so i stared at the woman.....
Feeling ashame she told his son not to do tat....
After about 5mins..... his son did the same again......
this time i was about to tell her off.... when a lady behind her said....

Lady: Boy, u are not suppose to do tat.....
Chi-na: Well he's still young......
(hw young can he be???? his age is about 6yrs old) shld be old enough to think.... he is juz a small chi ko pei....
Lady: Even he is young.... he shldn't do tat.....
Chi-na woman juz kept quiet....
The ppl ard her were saying tat the boy is old enough to use the men's toilet.....
Haiz so shameful....... but is Chi-na i dun think they know this word.....
Sosososo disgusting.... sick to the core.....

Happy Bithday To My Auntie ^^
25-Mar-2005 is my auntie birthday hee ehee
we sang birthday song :) love her to the max, she is the coolest aunt :D yeah

Darling Is Back
At last, my darling was back frm liverpool :D yeah..... miss her so much
when i saw her, i hugged her and almost cried :)
Will be doing lots of stuffs wif her :) like clubbing, watching movie, shopping, KTV and also eat yeah.....
Just went Kuishinbo (Don Don Don....) hee ehee we ate and chit-chat and....... take pictures
the food were nice, i like the green tea ice-cream :) and "sashimi"......

Buddies Birthday
March is the month tat i will get poor :( hee eehee kidding lah :)
cos my buddies birthday :D yeah we are turning 21 this yr sosososo happy
The key to independence yeah......
and most importantly " is legal to watch RA " haaa ahaa
My buddies are tada "Qian, Eve and Mian" great buddies :) hw i miss the good old days when we were wearing our uniforms (the green color one)
Lots of memories :)
Love them to the max :D

Not Forgetting My Cousin, Hui2 Birthday :D
Hee heee she turns 21 this yr too :D
oops haven bought her anything yet cos dun no wat she like..... but $$$ has already been set aside.....

When is my Birthday coming...... quick quick..... still got about 3mths more :D
but when my birthday comes..... i will be leaving singapore soon to study....
haiz...... i will be missing everyone :'(.....

Woa quite a busy week rite wif all the birthday stuffs, outings and of course working......

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Howl's Moving Castle Saturday, March 12, 2005

Has anyone watch the movie "Howl's Moving Castle" ???
Is really nice :) one of my favourite movie of the year.

I find that the content is interesting although the characters did look like those in "Spirted Away". is a "Happy Ending" Yeah :D

The Movie was about......

A plain young hatter named Sophie the eldest of three, is apprenticed to make hats for the people of Ingary, a place where spells, magic cloaks, and seven-league boots exist. She and all the young girls are warned to stay inside or be taken by Howl, the evil wizard whose black castle can be seen moving through the hills (which looks like a moving robot). Her life changed, after an encounter with a witch that cast a spell on her which makes her an old woman. Unable to face her family in such a condition, Sophie runs away in search of a way to become young again. Along the way, Sophie helps a turnip headed scarecrow, who repays her by leading her to the moving castle owned by the dreaded wizard Howl. There she befriends Howl's apprentice Marker, Howl's fire demon Calucifer, and eventually, Howl himself. Sophie then becomes the castle's cleaning lady in an effort to not only find the solution to her problem but to save Howl from his own terrible secrets as well.

My Favourite Characters are:

They are "Howl" "Sophie" "Calucifer" .

Calucifer is sososo kawaii. I like him alot :)
Don't you all think so :)

*Well hope to import this movie's DVD from Japan ;P

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Living In Australia Saturday, March 05, 2005

Living In Australia = High Cost ?????

Australia..... Their hostels rent are paid in weekly basis.
Well, one of my fren who i happen to know at RELC just went there to study a couple of weeks ago.
She stayed in school hostel. One week her rent is about AUD 310.
AUD 310 * 4 Weeks = AUD 1240
(I find it quite expensive :( but if meals are included that isn't so bad)

So i ask her are there any hostels that are not located in the university.
(For wat I know.... it depends greatly on the distance...... if i stayed nearer to the university, the rent will be more expensive :( )

She replied that there is a place called "The International House"
The rents are AUD 160 & 180.
AUD 180 ensuite with a toilet = master bedroom

I mean is quite funny, by paying AUD 20 more, i get my own toilet :) so good????
I think i must start hunting for my accomodation.......
If i dine manage to find within the next 3mths.....
I will have to sleep on the benches along the street, brush my teeth in public toilet......
yucks..... T.T

To prevent these scary things from happening..... i must "jia you", "ganbatte" to find a place to live >_<

My idea place to live:
  • Ard 15 mins walk frm hostel to school.
  • Have my own room
  • Own toilet (if possible)
  • most importantly must be cheap

Yeah Ganbatte in finding my idea home ^^

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