So unlucky..... eeekkkk...... Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tell u all something............
i am unlucky to the max........
First wanna change handphone to K800i
since plan not yet 2yrs so haf to pay addition $100 eeekkk so abit pissed then still haf to wait like 1hr juz to buy a phone so i juz dropped the idea...........
no new phone sob sob

then wan to buy text bk for uni
go all the way to Clementi
guess wat.......... the shop not open eeekkkk
seems like black fri to me haiz.................
so i came back all the way frm clementi

wanted to try my luck........... i go to popular
guess wat they dine sell this book >_<>__<
sway rite................
sob sob

hope tml is a better day
btw i goin back to Aussie tml
but can get to see my frens in sydney so at least is something worth looking forward to
and my new hostel heee eheee

oki lah Love Love

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Last min Shopping ^^ Sunday, February 18, 2007

hehe this post is quite late ^^
Yeah.... me, Mic, Shuyun, Xue and Qian went Chinatown to do some last min shopping ^^
actualli we were quite tired but we still went
we were veri ON rite
is good to shop wif great buddies
we even went to buy jelly and mochi
is $5 per plastic bag

we had herbal jelly is disgusting........... i can't even swallow yucks
but still we managed to finish ^^
we kept swallowed it w/o even breathing >_<

almost forgot, we went KTV in the morning hee eheee
then did some shopping
haaa ahaa i kept volunteer myself to help qian and xue dye hair and paint nails
they were so scared tat they kept saying NO NO NO............
haa ahaaa really tat bad meh -_-
i guess it is haa ahaaa

finally bought my country road bag and "Shopaholic and Baby"
A wonderful day ^^


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Dinner with the Kids ^^ Friday, February 16, 2007

not kids actualli coz they are all 19 yr old
but seems i am 4 yrs older i feel like the big sister there haaa ahaa

My baby cousin is also one of them hee ehee

today me, tania, gabriel, shawn and Isa went to eat dinner ^^
hw i know them????
we are in the same company doin tempt
wonderful time
and we called ourselves the "Polar Bears"
why Polar Bears????
cos we need to do some training
as we supposed to answer calls.
we always waited for like 45 - 1 hr for our supervisors to be back
so we played games among ourselves
so this Polar Bear games came to our minds
this game realli built up our bonding ^^

I realli love them
is good to be young ^^

Shawn bought me Sin choco
realli sweet of him
he is veri "ON" too, even today's dinner there were onli 5 of us. he still came cos he says tat long time dine see us.
we haf our dinner at Carl's Jr
cos we think tat wat we eating is not important, is the catching up part.

so we have been updating each other cos Shawn workplace is different frm us ^^

haiz will miss them so muchie
is realli fortunate to have known them
Hope they really get good results for their A level
i know they would ^^

Love Love

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Alive and Kicking ^^ Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentine's day to everyone ^^
woohoo, celebrate this fantastic day wif my gals
Love Love THEM
hee ehee
we bought the R21 cake
is so cute, they even haf the sex positions
I wanted to write "We Love Sex" or "Great is great"
but i dine
so we juz wrote "Happy valentine's day" haa ahaaa

we haf a mini gathering
and i taught them hw to play bridge, although i sucks at the game

Something i realli hate and pissed >_<
why do ppl like to link the two of us together??????
i juz simply couldn't understd..........
juz becoz we are too frenly in Aussie??????
juz msn with my classmate
and she ask, are the two of u together? can i congratulate u???
i almost vomited >_<
i juz wanna repeat one last time.........
i dun wanna dig my own grave.........
we are onli juz frens who onli contact in AUSSIE...................
when did he ever say he likes me???????
so stop linking the two of us together.................
we are not together and never will we be together
haf u ever see a steak and xiao long bao on a table before?????
the % is onli like 1%
i noe this example is lame but is true
so pls stop teasing and stop having the idea tat we will be together..........
is NEVER goin to happen
tat's why i haf been stressing tat my life in Aussie is FAKE...........

will update other stuffs soon

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