Alive and Kicking ^^ Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentine's day to everyone ^^
woohoo, celebrate this fantastic day wif my gals
Love Love THEM
hee ehee
we bought the R21 cake
is so cute, they even haf the sex positions
I wanted to write "We Love Sex" or "Great is great"
but i dine
so we juz wrote "Happy valentine's day" haa ahaaa

we haf a mini gathering
and i taught them hw to play bridge, although i sucks at the game

Something i realli hate and pissed >_<
why do ppl like to link the two of us together??????
i juz simply couldn't understd..........
juz becoz we are too frenly in Aussie??????
juz msn with my classmate
and she ask, are the two of u together? can i congratulate u???
i almost vomited >_<
i juz wanna repeat one last time.........
i dun wanna dig my own grave.........
we are onli juz frens who onli contact in AUSSIE...................
when did he ever say he likes me???????
so stop linking the two of us together.................
we are not together and never will we be together
haf u ever see a steak and xiao long bao on a table before?????
the % is onli like 1%
i noe this example is lame but is true
so pls stop teasing and stop having the idea tat we will be together..........
is NEVER goin to happen
tat's why i haf been stressing tat my life in Aussie is FAKE...........

will update other stuffs soon

大头虾 [ 1:29 AM ]


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