To Vienne Friday, November 17, 2006

A post for Vienne ^^
realli surprise to know tat u read my blog
haha not veri interesting rite >_<
and lack of updates...........
well i read ur blog too
hehe dine noe u have started writing
is interesting hee ehee
This beautiful lady, known her for like 5yrs
back in poly heee hee, wonderful times ^^

well i read ur blog ^^
some old update and the comment u give
erm....... by asking "Are u all alrite" dun seem to solve anything
well the main detail i dun no but noe tat u are somehw in a dilema.........
u can update me when i returned oki ^^

my post to u:
although i dun really haf much experience in this.....
but these are some info tat i have picked up....

erm u say tat he is giving true color, i think the problem is tat "Honeymoon period" is over, and he is too "xi guan" to u. tat's why he acted this way
if u still love him as much, try giving in..... i noe is hard
i experienced it myself, and the feeling sucks bad times............
to them........... they are always tired......... and onli they can get tired and not us
"u will be thinking wat the f***, is tat rite????" but this is them
we can't change it............
the most difficult part is not to start a relationship but rather hw do we maintain a long relationship............
after a relationship for 3yrs, will always face this problem, is natural... so dun think too much oki....
dun let these stuffs affect u
and never say the word "break-up" if u still love him
the day tat u feel tat u haf no feelings for him is the day u say this
is realli important ^^ take it frm me

i feel tat u two haf been through alot, so dun let these affect u oki

like i say i shldn't be giving any comment cos i juz ended mine
and is realli sad..........
haiz.......... guys..... they are juz not sensitive as we are >_<
i think this is hw god create them.............

ungrateful........... i truelly agree and always late
i experienced the same thing..........
well this is not the reason tat i break up with him.............

dun follow my footstep ^^ like i say u two haf been through alot
and i noe tat he loves and treasures u

this is my post to u
remember to be happy always, and dun worry hee ehee

Love love

大头虾 [ 8:39 PM ]

  • Ohh!! You make me so touch!!! dedicate a post to me :P
    Been thru alot but really have to give in more than what u expect from a r/s :( Really no idea how come so difficult :( Just like what many says... "walk one step and see one step" haha :P Take care for exam week hehe :) See ya !!

    By Blogger Lovaholic, at 1:31 AM  

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