A night in Fantasia 2006 ^^ Sunday, July 09, 2006

woohoo i went for this orchestra at sydney Town Hall ^^

Youmi Kimura was there too
she played the theme song for the "Spirited Away" as well as "Howls Moving Castle"
her vocal is real good ^^
the songs that they played for tat nite were final fantasy series, Howl's moving castle, Princess monoke, etc.
if shuyun was here, she will like it as well ^^
ya almost forgot, and a lady who played the voilin.....
she was veri pretty, elegant and cute............
wah i find that she is perfect ^^
if onli i am half as good as her hehee
i noe is impossible haaaa aahaaaa

i bought the poster and programme book
woohoo i got these two signed by the casts heee hee

the whole event lasted for more than 2 hrs ^^ is fantastic
will go again next yr ^^

is a lovely nite

Rock Climbing
woohoo my first rock climbing in like 6 yrs -_-

heehee we were listened attentively to the instructor ^^ getting ready to climb.
i feel that the most tedious part is belaying ppl and not the one who climb

me at the top and Dianel on his way down
me and Jan ^^

heeheee i used to climb it when i was in sec sch
i love this sport
it required lots of determination to get to the top ^^
i managed to conquer like 6walls, two of which were quite high.
i am satisfied as i haf not been climbing for like 6 yrs
credits shld go to heda for giving me the encouragement
especially........ the banana one
haha why banana??? cos the wall had a banana looking stone which is so difficult to climb........ there is hardly anything to grip..........
i tried two times and woohoo i conquered it
of course with heda's help ^^

but...... i suffered lots of cuts after the climb >_<
is quite painful, have to endure, after all is like tat

Daniel and Heda climbed realli well ^^ they are juz like lizards haaa ahaaa

will go again for sure heee ehee

Love love

大头虾 [ 12:40 PM ]


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