Holidaying yeah ^^ Friday, June 30, 2006

At last holiday officially starts today
i am so happy
this semester is hell >_<
so many things to do but too little time
arh............... i haf been complaning abt not having enough time for the past two mths haaha

well this sem, is oki for me
manage to find realli close frens and my bonds wif my unifrens is stronger

but according to one of my close fren here
is not a good sem for him >_<
erm can't realli expressed it
but is definitely not good.......
hope he is fine
i am quite worried abt him......

well waiting for my mum to come ^^

on the other hand, my beloved san ban is in europe
wah i wanna go too
she is goin to attend darling's graduation too

haiz........... wish i was there >_<

yeah goin out soon
long time dine go city liao
yeah having celebration ^^

Love love

大头虾 [ 4:34 PM ]


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