My Sunday >_< Sunday, March 19, 2006

I am sososo Tired........
i got up like 10am
too lazy to move my body but i insist to go for gym
haa ahaaa
someone once asked me, "When haf u become a health nut???"
haaa haaa so funny..........
i am always veri healthy oki

after discussion, me and Jan headed home.........
guess wat we saw????
a leg in the car >_<
eeekkkk we screamed and went passed it real quick............
we wanted to call the police, but Jan called her hsemate
when we got a closer look..........
it was onli a "DUMMY LEG"
is realli freaky lor cos the feak leg was like half dangling out the car -_-

I noe we are reall timid.......... but it looked real lor frm our angle..........

the funniest part is tat, after calling Jan's Hsemate, i was like saying "there isn't any blood"
Jan "ya hor, dun haf >_<"
then Jan asked me if today is April Fool????
I was like not lor
haa aahaa
in the end the owner of the car dine scared anyone but "US"
we were so stupid haaa ahaaa

Love Love

大头虾 [ 8:49 PM ]


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