My Departure 25.02.2006, 00.20 Sunday, March 05, 2006

My Departure ^^
all my buds came to send me off
and my cousins too
yup was flying back on 25.02.2006
taking the midnight flight >_<

i was watching Movie on the plane for the whole journey
eg. Touch by Heaven, The myth

I did dozed off hahaa while I was having breakfast
i was like holding the fork while i dozed off
Jan was like shocked when she saw tat

I took some pics at the airport
heehee we simply like to take pics

My lovely Buds Creepy Kamx

But Shuyun aka Claire was not there, so Creepy Kamx was not complete >_<
but she called tat day ^^ I am so touched
Love u lots Shuyun
Jia you in ur exams

Next..... Idividual Pics

Me wif R and E heeheee Rong and Eve

Me and P AND Y
Xin and Qian
Xin looks great in this hair rite ^^ love love
Qian is always so cute muakie

Me wif K and A
Kierra and Angela
Mian looks great in this pic ^^ her skin is so fair, Love Love
Thanks for coming after work
Lala, thank you once again for the calendar, i love it veri much
and also for the movie

Me wif M and X
Michelle and Xuexue
potato salads was veri delicious *yummy*
thank you so much ^^ muakie
Kaijyu and Ah Hock ^^
heeheee muz miss me oki heehee

My Family

My aunt and uncle, and mummy

Presenting the ones i Love ^^

Introducing: Hui2, Augie, Mr Cousin, Yang and Jie

Me and the Love Bird

Patrick and Hui2
Thank you so much for driving me there ^^

Me and Augie
My god brother
Love him lots muakie

heehee Mian's hand print on Michelle's leg ^^

Everyone, Thank you so much ^^

To Lala, Eve, Michelle and Xin, Good luck for ur exams
To Mian, Lala, Xuexue, Qian, haf a great time at work ^^

Love u all

Love Love

大头虾 [ 12:12 PM ]


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