Geisha ^^ Thursday, January 26, 2006

A story like mine has never been told..............

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Yesh i went to watch this movie wif my buddies ^^
is one of my fav of the yr ^^
erm.. a little too early too say tat cos is juz the beginning of 2006
but is definitely one of the best
is kind of strange tat all three female leads were chinese
I love the scenery and the kimonos are realli gorgeous
heehee I realli hope i do own a kimono, daydreaming ^^
The story was quite sad in the beginning but it ended wif a happy ending

I like the little gal who act as Chiyo
she is so cute (kawaii)

tada o.O

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I simply love Japan ^^

Madness Moment ^^
Haruka is a geisha
Momoko is a geisha

"yesh, we sell our talents, not our bodies..."

Okasan: Haruka, you must learn to dance.
Haruka: Hai Okasan
so Haruka proceed to practice her chicken dance >_<

Okasan: Momoko, you must learn music.
Momoko: Hai Okasan
"peep peep" the sound came frm Momoko's music recorder

You can onli call urself a true geisha if u can stop a man and made him vomit wif only one glance
indeed Haruka and Momoko manage to do it ^^
Okasan: You all are ready.
Harka and Momoko: ho ho ho

"we cannot ask the sun, more sun."
"we cannot ask the rain, less rain."

erm juz kidding haha
juz being bored
heee ehee me and Qian joke abt it yesterday on our way hm

大头虾 [ 4:25 PM ]


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