Chalet Madness ^^ Thursday, January 12, 2006

hee eehee pictures frm our chalet ^^
woohoo ^^

Let's see the drinks that we brought

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as most of us can't drink..... we only brought abit
ha ahaaa was suppose to finish my chevas
but after playing cards games
all of us KO so still left abit
gals muz finish before i return to Aussie oki ^^

Sleeping Beauty of the day ^^

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Qian qian hee ehee
oops......... not sleeping beauty is a "wake-up beauty"
haaa haaa
no lah..... was discussing hw to share beds for tonight ^^
but in the end we dine sleep >_<

We played games ^^

Image hosted by

trying my best to explain a game titled "Murderer and Detective"
but seems like they dun understand..............
look at Qian's face.....
she seems realli tong ku, look at her expression haaa ahaa
juz kidding..... we were juz posing for camera ^^

The start of barbecue ^^

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

see i am so hardworking ^^
haha actualli i am damn lazy
this is the least i can do haaa ahaa

wat's tat...............
seems like brain to me.............

Image hosted by

guess wat is tat??????
haa ahaa is juz frozen slice chicken ^^

Hui's fav dish ^^
maggots of the day......

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

tat fork belonged to Qian
errmm taste nice but abit salty
still i love it ^^

haiz........... my gals juz love to argue ^^

Image hosted by

we couldn't find any forks so they are arguing hw to use the satay sticks as chop sticks
erm...... gals u all were discussing or arguing?????
haha i dun remember

The last pics

Image hosted by

Wat is "Mr Cousin" doin in the pic?????
still trying to act cute >_<
haa ahaa his name is Jerald
seems to click veri well wif Qian
Qian, he likes u alot u noe hee ehee

hahaa we used this as umbrella cos was raining outside

haiz............. is raining so we couldn't go to the sea >_<

A veri fun weekends

Love gals

大头虾 [ 9:28 PM ]


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