Christmas Shopping Again ^^ Monday, December 26, 2005

haa ahaa this post was up real late
busy lah ^^
the past week was busy busy busy >_<

Christmas Shopping Part 1
hee ehee wif Michelle and Da Jie
Venue at Orchard ^^
Before goin back, we haf cakes ^^
My fav hee ehee

Log cake and New york cheese cake ^^
Both are my fav. yeah

Cakes anyone????

Me and my first log cake in 2005

Michelle can't wait to eat the log cake haaahaaaa

Beautiful Da Jie and the log cake ^^

Next cake Cheese Cake ^^

Me and the Yummy Cheese cake ^^

Ginger Bread man and us

Oishii hee ehee

no lah is actualli make-up pouch ^^ in the shape of ginger bread man
cute rite

yeah the last pic of the day
chirstmas tree as backgrd hee eehee

Christmas Shopping Part 2
heee ehee shopping again wif Qian and Xue xue
all of us went out to buy christmas cards ^^
is always fun fun fun wif the gals ard hee ehee

some pics taken on tat day ^^

haaa haaa we juz love to take pics
so wat haa aha as long as we were happy ^^

the dessert we ate on tat day ^^

cakes again
i think i will get fat again haa ahaa
sorry the cakes were eaten halfway before the pics were taken -_-
i forgot >_<

The drink

Left: Xue xue's drink, cherry soda (Xue says is nt tat nice cos taste like medcine >_<
Middle: Passion fruit float (Mine)
Right: Root beer float (Qian)

hee ehee a wonderful day

Muackie love love

大头虾 [ 7:59 PM ]


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