Questions ^^ Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Questions and my answers ^^
1) What fairy tales do you think of when you see '3'?
Haha onli "The 3 little pigs" isn't it?????
2) What are the 3 things you cannot live without currently?
Handphone, wallet and pillow
3) What are your 3 favorite books?
Harry potter, shopaholic and Da Vinci Code.
4) What are the 3 types of things in your room that have the most quantities?
Precious Moment Figurines hee ehee, erm..... books and CD
5) Who are the 3 friends who keep you sane?
Should be Lih shin, Jan and Xinyi
6) Who are the 3 friends whom you think treat you as a big part of their lives?
Michelle dear, Darling Claire and Hui
7) Who are the 3 people whom may think you're indispensable in their lives?
My dad, mum and Augustine
8) Who are the 3 people whom are indispensable in your life?
My dad, mum and Augustine
9) What are the 3 songs that are stuck in your head now
li xiang qing ren, ai mei and Jewel
10) What are the 3 dishes you can eat everyday?
Chicken rice, nasi lemark and roti prata haa ahaa confirm fat......
11) What are the 3 things you can do everyday?
Online, Sleep and watch tv......
12) Who do you like to go clubbing/pubbing/chilling out with the most?
Michelle, Claire and Xuehui hee ehee my clubbing buddies and Creepy Kamx
13) What do you do when you go clubbing/pubbing/chilling out?
Confirm not looking for guys....... hate them to the core.......
drink of course and anyhw dance haa ahaa

14) Who are the best people to talk on IM?
Ash, Hui and Qian
15) Who do you think has the most patience around you?
Seriously i dun no >_<
16) What are the 3 things that reduce you to tears almost instantaneously?
Stupid drama show
my results.....
17) What features do you like about yourself?
Nothing >_<
18) What personality traits do you like about yourself?
The way i tell cold jokes.....
19) What are you proud of about yourself?
Nothing......... not a confident person at all......
20) What do you do when you're down?
Cry of course.... i am a cry baby..... and sleep......
21) What do you do when you're bored?
Online, sleep and watch tv.......
23) What have you done to regret?
My PSLE...... WTF i score onli 190..........
24) What do you loathe?
Guys who think tat they are smart......
25) What will you do with a million bucks?
A million bucks..... not alot lor......
buy lots of precious moment figurines ^^ huh not practical????
oki lor buy car...... siao no license.......
well deposit in bank to earn interest ^^
26) What will your children's names be?
Rui Xi and Ai Ke
27) Where are your favorite countries?
Japan, Paris and Finland ^^
28) What are you thinking of right now?
Nothing to think of except results......
29) Who do you wish to see now?
My darling Claire
30) What are the flowers you like?
Red Rose ^^
31) What are your favourite designs of clothes?
Tube Top
32) What do you think are your good friends' weak points?
Erm..... i can't realli state my frens weak points......... cos i think i haf more weak pts than them >_<
33) Who do you want to pass this meme to?
Those who happen to come across it ^^

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