Another Birthday Celebration ^^ Saturday, November 26, 2005

haha this post is one week late
Well is dedicated to my sec sch fren Yong Meng
woa haf been frens since sec4

A veri nice guy although his first impression to me was tat he looked like a typical "Ah Beng"
but if u get to noe him, he is a really fun person to hang out wif ^^
very caring too

Due to our busy life.............
we onli get to meet during CNY and Christmas

He had a birthday party last sat.
I dine attend.....
cos I was here in Aussie coping wif stress "Due To Finals of course" >_<

I still wanna wish him,
turning 21 too ^^

Take care my fren ^_^

大头虾 [ 1:13 AM ]


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