Physical Chemistry Monday, November 07, 2005

Rite frm the start, i don't really like this subject........
cos is not an engineering subject and it clashes wif two of my other subjects.........
but my view changed when my course starts
I came to realise tat it is a rather fun subject.
and the professors are really approachable, two thumbs up hee ehee
not trying to say tat my engineering professors are not good

it is fun because there is lab
the lab was juz like the one we did in poly
so fun
if u are thinking chemistry students are a bunch of geeks who stay in lab all day
my coursemates are realli fun ppl, they work hard and play hard.........
realli like them alot
but i will only be wif them for this semester..... sob sob..........

Some interesting conversation in the lab
there was one particular afternoon..... when we were doing our lab
the lab instructor was explaining the experiment to us.

Lab instructor: u all haf to add this chemical into the test tube
Us: Oki
Lab instructor: the amt will 1,3,7,9,5 ml
Me: 1,3,7,9,5 ?????
Professor: it shld be 1,3,5,7,9ml. Haiz this russian ppl realli haf a funny way of saying number.
Me: hahaha

Joke 2, Yellow substance (not trying to be a science freak, i will call that chemical by yellow substance)
Lab Instructor: we will be using this yellow substance today
Us: Oki
Lab instructor: as u all can see frm the bottle, is labelled posionous......
Us: ohhh......... (but we dun realli give a damn)
Lab instructor: dun worri the concentration tat we use is veri dilute.....
Us: Oki (although the word worry dine realli pop up in our mind....)
Lab instructor: if it touches ur hand juz wash it off, it wun kill u by touching ur hand
Us: Oki (Still we dun care)
Lab instructor: juz remember..... dun put ur hand into ur mouth when u are doing the experiment......
Me: who will put their hand in their mouth when doing lab?????????
Henry (my lab partner) burst out laughing.....
Henry: haha u never noe.....
Me: ................

Yellow substance part two,
This is a conversation between me, Henry and Alex 1.

Henry: Esther, u haf any idea where to throw this thing (yellow substance)?????

I was searching for the residue bottle, when there is none, i replied.
Me: Juz chuck it down the sink......
Henry: huh????????
Me: wat i mean is tat juz dispose it down the basin......
Henry: i noe wat u mean...... but is posionous.........
Me: i noe but do u happen to see any residue bottle????
Henry: nope
Me: so????

Henry then headed to the sink.........
he was looking at the sink holding the yellow substance.........

Alex 1: wat are u doing????
Henry: do u haf any idea where to throw this??????
Alex 1 : into the sink.....
Henry: but is posionous.......
Alex 1: oh well is diluted.... at most if you chuck it down the sink..... and it flows to the sea then to the ocean...... it will onli kill some endangered turtles...........
Me: haahahaahaha........ i told u, u dun believe me.........
I turned to Alex 1.
Me: why endangered turtles?????
Alex 1: i happened to think of ttat ....... hahahaa
Me: ........

These are the types of conversation we had while we were doing our lab.....
it was realli a fun lab
Hiaz..... i will miss it veri much

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