Home Sweet Home ^^ Saturday, September 17, 2005

Finally quizes are over.......... i am damn happy abt it
One week break is ard the corner yeah...........
Well haf been living in school hostel for abt 8weeks hee eheee
I love my place n my roommates. they are realli nice ppl, n veri intelligent as well hee ehee
There are five of us living in a unit.
Some pics tat i haf taken ^^

My room hee ehee, my wonderful bed n my "simons: pillow from my dearest Mian Chan, veri wonderful pillow hee eheee and my beloved pig from my buds. My table, i noe is veri messy but can't help it cos no shelves to put my books :( n my wardrobe wif no door haaa ahaa

My dinning table wif lots of "my food", living room and kitchen

As i haf mentioned early, we haf five ppl living in this unit. so...... everything there are five pieces. five dustbin and five dish detergent hee eheee veri funny rite.....
but is the custom in this unit.

This is my "Home sweet home" is also a place where i can relief stress. is a simple unit but is a place i called my home in aussie hee eheee ^_^

Our senior prime minister came to my uni, UNSW, to received his Doctorate of Laws.
One of my classmate in my physical chem actuali get to see him :)
so nice, i wanted to see him too :)
he has mentioned in his speech tat this uni is one of the leading uni in Aussie hee ehee
I am veri proud to be in this sch.
But.... on the other hand...... the study is difficult..... I am Drowning :(
Haiz...... i have chosen this route so is a muz for me to complete it
"I am sure i will be able to do it" yEah

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