My Week >.< Sunday, August 28, 2005

My week???? nothing special is still shit Image hosted by
haiz........ when is my one week break coming??? realli looking forward to it.......
my life for the next one mth will be hell......
Quiz, quiz and more quiz.........
ahhhhhhhhh going mad real soon..............
anyway since i merely haf a life here so i can make use of the time to study to "PASS TIME"
haaa ahaa pathetic rite
haiz.... shouldn't haf come alone in the first place......

well too busy therefore no time to blog......

23rd August is my bud, Xin's birthday hee ehee
yeah most of us are 21 yeah........ except for my darling whose birthday is in Nov
she celebrated on 20th of Aug, cool party.....
but unfortunately, i am not there.... ahhhhhhhh i wan to have some fun too Image hosted by

"Happy Birthday To you " hee eehee Image hosted by
is good to turn 21 yeah

Mic, Mian and Claire going HK today ahhhh i wan to go too
waiting to see their pics ehee eheee

well haf to study again......Image hosted by
Cya hee ehee *MUACKX*

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