School Started ^^ Saturday, August 06, 2005

Using school internet again :( haiz sososo troublesome.... hate it
well school started, is the end of second week

haiz...... is not wat i have been imagine :(
first week is a blur..... can't find my lectures (the lecturers kept changing the venue) without informing us :(
but the weird thing is all the students know except me and my senior who started this semester :(
hate it to the core......

one of my lecturers is bloody not approachable at all :(
when we encountered problems and went to find him, he was like "why dun u ask me during tutorial"
"I HATE HIM!!!!!"
we paid so much $$$ for our tuition fees, this is the shit we get :(

haiz.... hope the rest of the 12weeks will be good :)

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