Buffet Friday, July 08, 2005

Having buffet recently

I accompanied my mum and aunt to a restaurant near our house for lunch buffet
It is stated that they provide "International Cuisine"
Beside the japanese food, chinese food and desert, there is nothing else......
International Cuisine?????

Some of the food was not tat bad
I have taken some pics too

The International Cuisine????

The small rou mi fan
Is only half the actual size tat we normally eat >.<
The small Chawamushi which served in a tea cup

My mum's century egg congee
Doesn't look appetizing

yEAH the almonde paste which is good for the throat
is good for Qian
wanted to bring some back but cannot

The DIY ice kechang....... made my Hui
Doesn't look nice at all
but is for the fun part

The desserts which is erm.......................

Haiz the $$$ we paid is not tat expensive so can't expect much

The Line
We went there for dinner buffet yeah...........
A good dinner before i left for Aussie

Me, Mian, Claire, Michelle

Claire and Mian Chan

Michelle and Me hee ehee

Chit-chating while munching our food
Yeah oishi

The dessert.
cute rite

The fruits
Peach is our favourite

My favourite

We drank after our dinner and played games heee ehee
The drinks we had,

Yeah a wonderful nite yeah

A good dinner too hee eehee

大头虾 [ 12:15 PM ]


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