Healthy Life ^^ Sunday, June 12, 2005

Have been doing lots of exercise lately (",)
Monday as usual having swimming lesson :)

Tuesday: Steam Boat @ Michelle house hee eheee
The ingredients were pig's liver, meat, vegetable, hot dogs, prawns (my favourite), nian tou fu, crab meat stick, different kinds of mushroom and last but not least lots of Quill eggs (darling's favourite)
I ate three bowls of rice tat day..... Scary???? lots of carbo........ never mind going to exercise on wednesday ^_^
After dinner, they played majong and i watched tv = Tv freak ^^

Wednesday, yeah exercise day. muz burn off all the carbo tat i took yesterday :)
Venue at Xin's house hee eehee
We were playing tennis :) , followed by gym and sauna
Sauna was great before a red face auntie came and sat in between me and michelle
"Couldn't she sees tat we are together...." haiz.... weird weird auntie
After exercise, i meet mum for dinner
i ate alot...... i ate rice wif soup..... and prawn mee.... suppose to share wif mum but i finish the whole thing :( plus dessert.............
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i have such a big stomache......

Thursday nothing much :( slack at home.............. tv freak so watch tv the whole day :)

Ya watch a really nice movie on Friday heee eheee
Mr & Mrs Smith

Saturday exercise again yeah........ :)
go swimming wif my cousin, Hui2, heee ehee
we saw Fazli at the pool(the name like spell wrongly)
Recap: he was the soccer captain frm YSS
ehhh his look quite good lah :) not much diff frm five yrs ago haaa ahaaa
he was there wif his gal fren :)

yA not forgetting the "Super star audition" on channel U. It is sossosososo funny tat i couldn't stop myself frm laughing
but i muz say tat those ppl were brave to join this competition :)

haa ahaaa wat a week.....
I exercise alot and ate alot heeee ehee

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