Gathering ^^ Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Yeah gathering with Lisa, Amanda, Qiuyan and Rong2 hee heee
Long time dine meet up wif them to go out :)

As i haf swimming lesson in the evening, so i can only meet them after 9pm for dinner at blk 921 (where they sell nice chicken rice) :)
haa ahaaa as usual, me and Lisa reached there first, then followed by Rong2, Qiuyan and Amanda.
When we about to order our food :) Rong2 gave a stunning suggestion tat shld we go somewhere else to eat????
we all looked at her, then she said tat she got car.........
Then we said "Alamark" say earlier mah
then off we go to Newton Circle.
We kept saying tat her driving skill was not good but actualli is "good lah" haa ahaa

Our dinner, we had oyster egg where i ate all the oysters hee ehee, chicken wings, sting ray and sotong :)
After having our dinner, we went Orchid Country Club to bowl :)
When we arrived, we saw the notice abt dressing.
"No Slipper and Singlet"
but we juz dun care :)
haa aahaa we played one game.
Most of the time my ball went into the "drain" haa ahaa. After Amanda they all told me abt my hand then my score got better :)
Then, we went for a drink.
As Qiuyan has to work tml, Rong2 sent her off first.
Then we went to a coffee shop near our hse for a drink and also Chit-chat :D
haa ahaaa "chit-chat" was my favourite :D
Then at abt 1 plus we went home.

A very wonderful night ^_^
Muz realli meet up often hee eehee
Gals take care

大头虾 [ 2:30 AM ]


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