Busy Weeks ^^ Saturday, March 26, 2005

Wild Wild Wet
Outing wif my cousins ^^ and major sun-tanning.
I ended up having serious sun-burn (looks like those red lobsters....)

I always wonder.... do CHI-NA ppl have any manners or discipline?????
I went for a bathe after the whole thing....
As the toilet was full.... we haf to queue up
Then, I saw this Chi-na woman cutting queue
Ppl were nagging behind her back but she juz dun care.....

All of a sudden.... his son juz bend down to peep at the small opening at the bottom of the door..... I felt really disgusted..... so i stared at the woman.....
Feeling ashame she told his son not to do tat....
After about 5mins..... his son did the same again......
this time i was about to tell her off.... when a lady behind her said....

Lady: Boy, u are not suppose to do tat.....
Chi-na: Well he's still young......
(hw young can he be???? his age is about 6yrs old) shld be old enough to think.... he is juz a small chi ko pei....
Lady: Even he is young.... he shldn't do tat.....
Chi-na woman juz kept quiet....
The ppl ard her were saying tat the boy is old enough to use the men's toilet.....
Haiz so shameful....... but is Chi-na i dun think they know this word.....
Sosososo disgusting.... sick to the core.....

Happy Bithday To My Auntie ^^
25-Mar-2005 is my auntie birthday hee ehee
we sang birthday song :) love her to the max, she is the coolest aunt :D yeah

Darling Is Back
At last, my darling was back frm liverpool :D yeah..... miss her so much
when i saw her, i hugged her and almost cried :)
Will be doing lots of stuffs wif her :) like clubbing, watching movie, shopping, KTV and also eat yeah.....
Just went Kuishinbo (Don Don Don....) hee ehee we ate and chit-chat and....... take pictures
the food were nice, i like the green tea ice-cream :) and "sashimi"......

Buddies Birthday
March is the month tat i will get poor :( hee eehee kidding lah :)
cos my buddies birthday :D yeah we are turning 21 this yr sosososo happy
The key to independence yeah......
and most importantly " is legal to watch RA " haaa ahaa
My buddies are tada "Qian, Eve and Mian" great buddies :) hw i miss the good old days when we were wearing our uniforms (the green color one)
Lots of memories :)
Love them to the max :D

Not Forgetting My Cousin, Hui2 Birthday :D
Hee heee she turns 21 this yr too :D
oops haven bought her anything yet cos dun no wat she like..... but $$$ has already been set aside.....

When is my Birthday coming...... quick quick..... still got about 3mths more :D
but when my birthday comes..... i will be leaving singapore soon to study....
haiz...... i will be missing everyone :'(.....

Woa quite a busy week rite wif all the birthday stuffs, outings and of course working......

大头虾 [ 12:45 AM ]


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