No Place To Eat....... Monday, February 28, 2005

Lunch Time..... My favourite time during miserable working hours, although is only 1hour.
How we spend our lunch time? Is always me and Ah ser accompanying each other. sometime we have lunch outside with other collegues or we just eat at the canteen nearby. As people who work in Ayer Raja Crescent should know that there isn't any "fast food" available beside the three canteens. Sounds miserable?

So today, which is monday = Monday Blue. We dragged our legs to our "favourite" canteen called "The Second Street", our usual hang-out. Why is it our "favourite"? The reasons are due to "long distance work from our company" and is "air-conditioned". Well the food? Can't really tell. because i only eat two types of food. "Chicken Rice and Chicken Fried Rice with Salted Fish".
Is always Chicken..... I think I am addicted to Chicken.....

When we opened the door... the whole place was full of ppl. We have no choice but to left the place. so we headed to the other canteen.... guess wat it is under renovation. bloody hell.... really spoil my mood... is really monday blue....

We only left with the last canteen, and that is the canteen located at our building. Oh my god.
guess wat.. when we reached there, all the food that we liked have already been sold out. But we still have to eat so we try out new food. AHHHHHH hate it to the core........ why so many ppl.... AHHHHH......

In the end... instead of having 1hr lunch.... we spent almost two hrs.. well not our fault... is the bloody canteens fault.... so pissed.....

No choice but to bear with it..... T.T

大头虾 [ 12:26 AM ]


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