Life......... Sunday, January 23, 2005

Comp Flu...... my comp still down so sad T.T haiz ..............

Thursday..... we have gathering yeah :) but our grp getting smaller and smaller
really miss all of them :) wat we did???? gossiping of course :) hee eheee
all the time, Michelle & Peixin had been telling me to keep quiet haaa ahaa cos i am so talkative..... i can't help it cos is in my genes :) yeah...........
We meet at Yishun so beside having dinner at Burger King, we are gossiping and gossiping :) hee eheee
Our next gathering shld b during Chinese New Year ba :) looking forward to it :) hee ehee

Friday..... is Hari Raya...... so no work today...... Yeah......
Me, Kendy and Hui, we went to sentosa to sun-tan...... yeah :)
but after tanning for 4 hrs me still not very dark >___<>
wow..... Tanjong Beach is full of ppl.... :(
btw we saw lots of ppl wearing swimming trunk >__<>
we played UNO cards while sun-tanning so as to pass time hee eehee :)
we saw lots of kawaii inu (cute dog) :)
we went back to the arrival station by monorail
guess wat got one made in china man asked us if we are frm Guang Zhuo.......
yuck eeekkkssss do we have the "CHI-NA FACE" my god....... hate it to the core......
wat the f***
spoil my mood..... :(
but still happy cos get to sun-tan :) hee ehee

Chingay Rehersal Again Yeah :)
Finally..... got my white short ^^ frm beach rd heee heee
next week will be performing at People Association :0

btw my darling is coming back soon yeah :) misss her ssoooooo much

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