KTV Session >__< Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Monday.... No work today...... so not "Monday Blue"
Ah ser, Qian & me, we went to sing ktv...........
At 2pm, we reached the place and we started singing :)
I sang mostly Japanese songs hee eheee...... ayumi, morning musume, Glay.....
On the other hand Ah ser sang English songs ("Old" english song) haa ahaaa
both Qian and I have never heard before heee ehee

The funniest part is....... Ah ser chose a song which is duet.....
When the song begun to start she said to me.......
Ah ser: ster duet, sing wif me oki.... faster take the microphone.....
I did as she say....
Me: But I never heard of this song name before?????
Ah ser: never mind when you hear the music you will noe :)
Me: Oki...
So the song started.....
Me: ?????? eeehhh never heard of it before?????
Ah ser: hw cum????
Me: .........
Haaaa ahaaa different generation.......

We sang SHE songs throughout the last 1hr..... heee eheee
I sang Elle part, Qian & Ah ser take turns singing Hebe and Selina part :)
haaa ahaa...........

Guess hw long we sang????? 5hrs..... long?????

We had dinner at Cafe Cartle before going home hee eheee

大头虾 [ 8:50 PM ]

  • hello jie, stan here. first time visiting ur blog. i like the overall blue theme on your page, nice.. :)

    haha ktv cannot compare to the one i went last week, we sang 'silent night' and 'santa claus is coming to town'. you say waste money or not?? haha!!

    By Blogger silent-rock, at 2:22 AM  

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