Chingay Rehersal ^^ Saturday, January 08, 2005

Wheee....... Finally...... Chingay Rehersal is here :)
Me and Xuehui have been waiting soooo long for this day to arrive.......
And is here :)

Guess wat..... the best thing is tat we are in the Happi Team :) yeah........
Happi is a grp, the dance itself is more towards teenagers hee ehee.....
there are also kids dancing wif us too..... they are soooo kawaii :)

But hor..... the dance very difficult le..... still learning.....
got many steps.... we will ganbatte to learn it :)

Finally I get to try the Happi dance :) cos last two yrs we are in the Yugata grp.
Yeah... this yr is something different :)

But sad thing is tat.... tis is my last yr joining :(
cos going aussie to study soon mah......
This Chingay muz enjoy to the fullest yeah :)

Need to go and hunt for long sleeve t-shirt and short both white. it is kinda hard to find....
We will Jia You to find it :)

大头虾 [ 11:36 PM ]

  • never knew you are in chingay...

    so how do i get to see you in action??

    By Blogger silent-rock, at 10:15 PM  

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