Living In Australia Saturday, March 05, 2005

Living In Australia = High Cost ?????

Australia..... Their hostels rent are paid in weekly basis.
Well, one of my fren who i happen to know at RELC just went there to study a couple of weeks ago.
She stayed in school hostel. One week her rent is about AUD 310.
AUD 310 * 4 Weeks = AUD 1240
(I find it quite expensive :( but if meals are included that isn't so bad)

So i ask her are there any hostels that are not located in the university.
(For wat I know.... it depends greatly on the distance...... if i stayed nearer to the university, the rent will be more expensive :( )

She replied that there is a place called "The International House"
The rents are AUD 160 & 180.
AUD 180 ensuite with a toilet = master bedroom

I mean is quite funny, by paying AUD 20 more, i get my own toilet :) so good????
I think i must start hunting for my accomodation.......
If i dine manage to find within the next 3mths.....
I will have to sleep on the benches along the street, brush my teeth in public toilet......
yucks..... T.T

To prevent these scary things from happening..... i must "jia you", "ganbatte" to find a place to live >_<

My idea place to live:
  • Ard 15 mins walk frm hostel to school.
  • Have my own room
  • Own toilet (if possible)
  • most importantly must be cheap

Yeah Ganbatte in finding my idea home ^^

大头虾 [ 12:15 AM ]


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