Nusiance Calls Monday, May 23, 2005

Have been getting lots of nusiance calls lately frm my mobile phone.....
pissed to the core :(
These calls have been happening since last week......... ahhhhhhhhhhh i really can't take it
these calls have been made by a woman
she called almost everyday.............
I dun really recognise her voice cos all we communicate was:

"Ring Ring" my mobile phone rang......
Me: Hello
Tat woman: Wrong number

Tat's it then she hung up
can you believe it????? it's been happening whole of last week and this week......
I was sososo angry tat on sunday, when this woman called.....
I just told her off.
I really dun understand why she keep calling the number wrongly.
mayb there is such a person exist :(

Thankfully after sunday, i dine hear frm her again. >_<

大头虾 [ 11:46 PM ]


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