What I been up to ^^ Monday, June 06, 2005

Gathering ,gathering and more gathering :D

Friday nite dinner wif Angela, Eve, Mic, Xin and Myself at Orchard
We went to have a quick dinner at Mcdonald
Then we went Swensen to rot haaa ahaaa
we ate ice-cream and french fries heee ehee
Xin treat us :)
"A Big Thank You To her"
We chit-chat while eating, update on each other's life :)

Angela and Eve went home at 11plus
The three of us stayed back to chit-chat
coz we felt tat if we went home at 12plus, there's mid-night charge so muz well we went home later heee eheee
I was surprised tat at ard midnight there are still many ppl queueing outside Swensen
"Having dinner at such a time?????"

So at ard 2plus we headed home :D
The taxi uncle drove very fast is realli scary =_=

Today 3rd of Mar is My kawaii kaijyu aka Xue xue's birthday hee eheee
"Happy Birthday To You"

Saturday is Xue xue birthday party :)
The food is realli nice especially the prawns hee eehe
The durian cake is superb :D taste realli great ^^
We (Qian, Angle, Shushu and me) stayed until quite late at ard 2plus talking abt the "urh hum" *cough* (u all noe who) haa aahaa

Yup my darling is back from Liverpool :) yeah...................
Will be going to lots of places wif her
eg. sun-tanning

Hw i spend my Sunday????
As i dun haf Jap class so i went to find Shu shu :D
we had dinner and went her hse to watch anime
one of the characters in Mars Heaven is sososososo handsome haa aahaaa

okay tat's abt my week :) yeah......

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