AGM Sunday, June 26, 2005

Regained my energy to blog ago :D haa aahaaa
I am full of nonsence :)

Wat is AGM??
AGM = Annual Group Meeting

Well Wednesday was the AGM for my Japanese Cultural Group
I went back to help up and at the same time meet up wif my grp members :)
cos i leaving for Aussie soon..... *Sob Sob*

This meeting was to recruit freshmen :)
My fren and I were in-charge of the "Oden", Japanese tea and desserts (Mochi)
I helped the members to wear the yukata too (is really difficult to wear)
I saw our grp advisor too, Kubo Sensei :)

The whole meeting ended at ard 8.20pm

This yr there are quite alot of new members so this AGM is quite successful hee ehee

All the best to my Japanese Cultural Grp ^_^

OMG wat happen to my blog??? is in chinese?????

大头虾 [ 12:31 AM ]


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