Lala's Chalet Thursday, June 30, 2005

Sorry Lala :( it took me sosososo long to blog.........

Heee heee her Chalet :)
At pasir ris park near Fisherman Village
We took a cab down :)

Tada the Bithday Gal, Lala

Happy Birthday To You :)

The Secondary School Gang (Buddies)

Say Cheeezzzz, we so happy ^_^

Our First Wine ^^

Yeah Red Wine my favourite :)

Making Funny Faces= The Cuties haa aahaaaa

Heee heeee after eating the cake we got a little surprise for Angela hee ehee
Which is,

Is "Flour"
Saboing Time haa ahaaa our favourite

As for the outcome????

Hee hee the one and only Snow white :)

Then we started BBQ hee eheee
The auntie wif lots of chicken wings hee eehee is Me lah

Ladies and Gentlemen how many chicken wings do you wish to buy???
Looks nice and delicious??? :)

At ard two plus, we went Fisherman Village to drink and play "True or Dare"
But we ended up onli playing the "dare" cos true we have nothing to ask :0

Heee heee thru out the whole game, me and Michelle were lucky we only got 1 dare hee eheee
Before leaving the place..... we did something that is urm hum *Cough*

Here we are......

Lesbians 2005?????
"Of Course Not" hee eeheee

We have cards in between :)

Saw the red card????
hee eheee

Our last Pic before going back Chalet to sleep ^@^ zzZZZZ

Haaaa ahaaaaa a wonderful Nite yeah :)

大头虾 [ 2:17 AM ]


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