Me and The City of Sydney ^^ Saturday, August 20, 2005

I have been staying in this city for abt 1mth plus

Nw is like practically no life at all......
is like "school, eat and sleep" and nothing else....
"I am going mad"
arghhhhh i miss Singapore so much.....

Tat one week before "o-week" orientation is fantastic
cos my mum is wif me yeah
we shop n shop hee ehee
the best part is our hotel is at the china-town and near the opera hse too yeah

These are some pics i took frm the hotel

our bed heee hee is queen size yeah.... so comfy

and a small table

Tat's all i took hee ehee

hee ehee for this one week, we went shopping and sightseeing

Here are some pics taken

Dun realli noe wat building is tat??? seems like a theatre to me

hee ehee more pics
The lady at the last pic is my mum hee eheee
the first pic wif the three monkeys.... tat is a pub.... but is kind of old....

we even took their monorails hee ehee for fun

The Monorail station frm far

Happily waiting for the train

In the train, yEAH.....

we went to take the tour bus too hee ehee

At the side waiting patiently for the bus to arrived, finaaly is here

In the bus doing nothing hee ehee

Next, we went to the famous darling harbour
Darling Harbour in the day-time
Darling Harbour at nite

hee eheee these are the pics i took during tat one week

My master piece hee ehee, isn't it cute

Me and Mum before she bought her flight

These are the update of wat i did tat first week

haiz....... no time to take my hse pic :(
cos no time.....
exam n more exam are on the way.....
haiz.... will update soon

see ya love love

大头虾 [ 8:59 PM ]


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