To All The People Ard Me ^^ Saturday, October 01, 2005

Well school gonna starts in 3days time. sob sob.... and finals coming in 5 weeks time......
but looking on the bright side, dec coming hee eheee
I will be back in my beloved country, wif my buddies, boyfren and most of families hee ehee

To my Buddies: U all are the greatest. realli love u all :D miss u all badly too.... Although sometimes we do disagree wif each other but our frenship is "STRONG" btw who dun quarrel??? we haf known each other for more then seven yrs :D woa tat's long heee eheee. cya in dec :D

To Jie: thanks for calling me everyday to cheer me up hee eheee realli cost a "BOMB" rite. saw u in msn. u looked skinny. gained more weight oki hee ehee love ya.

To my Mum and Dad: Thanks for everything tat u all have done for me. most importantly sending me to Aussie to get my degree. love u lots.

To my Uncle and Aunty in Aussie: Great ppl, I am realli fortuate. Thank you so much.

To my Polymates: Is a must to meet up when i come back in dec hee eheee. we seldom meet up when i was in Singapore. cos we were all busy wif our individual lifestyle. Great ppl, brightened up my life in Poly hee ehee

To my room-mates: thanks for being there to cheer me up. Without u all, life in Aussie will be real hard.

Well i am a person tat can't live without frens and families.
so i treasure them alot. I can't stand ppl having bad comments abt them.

Get myself in Deep Shit???? Did I?????
well before my holiday officially starts..... i talked to one of my bud in msn. so happy to see her hee ehee.
then we talked abt my the other bud. where we came across this gal who kept stalking my bud's blog tagging her those awful comments..... well names are not mentioned. but i guess u all shld noe which gal i am talking abt by reading the chatterbox.
so after our conversation tat day, i tagged my bud asking who tat gal is......
but i saw some of her comment on her tagboard at tat particular time
so i decided to ignore......
but when i came back....... she commented more.....
I was so furious, i was like thinking who is she after all????? making all those comments on my bud's blog..... so i decided to tag her back. then being a stalker herself....... urm.... i personally think tat she stalked on my bud's blog too much, so tat's why i called her a stalker...... less then 24 hours she came to my blog and tagged me....
well she said tat i do not noe her why am i making comments......
I muz make things clear......
hw long haf she noe my bud???? why is she making those awful tags????
the reason i make this comment cos i can't stand her...... i haf said earlier i can't stand ppl bad-mouth the ones tat i loved......

Haiz...... Am i immature???? I guess i am in some extend...... but i haf to defend my bud....

Tat's all for today ^^

大头虾 [ 11:20 AM ]

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    By Blogger abc, at 2:16 AM  

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