Happy????? Friday, September 23, 2005

Happy????? this word seems so alien to me nw........
2 mths ago....... i was a happy little gal tat mingled ard my buddies, like a baby hee eheee
telling jokes n most importantly cold jokes "i am realli good at tat" hee ehee
but nw...... everything seems so bloody serious........
there isn't any point of time to relax :(
hw i wish i have never leave my buddies and the ones ard me
I saw Mian and Xinyi on MSN, they said i looked sad :(
I do look sad..... i hardly smile nw :(
haiz...... wif all the backstabbing ard...... hw to stay happy??????
To my poly frens: thanks for being there :D without all of u, poly life wouldn't be fun n i love the three yrs life inTP.
To my buddies: realli fortunate to haf u gals ard....... i hope time realli flies so i can be wif all of u again......
without u gals ard, there wouldn't be a happy Esther, my happiness is brought by u gals :D

Realli love all of u
cya in decemeber

大头虾 [ 7:14 PM ]


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