Christmas Shopping ^^ Saturday, December 10, 2005

My Fav mth is here yeah.........
Christmas is ard the corner ^^
I am excited ^o^

going to haf christmas dinner wif Creepy Kamx ^^
But, before this day arrives, we haf to do major shopping heee ehee
buying everyone's pressies
therefore, we went Christmas shopping yesterday ^^
Me, Michelle, Qian and Xue xue, we meet at 11.30am and started our shopping

we went to places like Cityhall and Orchard ^^
we shopped like 8 hrs
we went to coffee club and mac to rest haahaa
cos our legs couldn't take it >_<

Wanna see some of the pics tat we haf taken ^^

Me and Michelle ^^ our normal selves

Our Signature sign ^^

Next we haf Qian and Xue xue

They are realli cute rite ^^ Kawaii

After resting for half an hour, Kierra came and joined us ^^
yeah ^o^
Off we went to hunt for her D&D dress
she bought a dress from warehouse
is quite expensive but is gorgeous^^
I like it alot

as our stomach were grumbling, we went for dinner^^
The place is call pepper something, is opposite yoshinoya at Taka
the food was nice but after the dinner we smelled of food and we felt so oily >_<

Pics again ^^ taken at dinner

The first pic was wif flash and the second one is without
which one better????
i like the one without flash ^^ although is abit orange

Michelle and Kierra

Pretty rite ^o^ (Kirei des)

The food^^

This was Kierra's food ^^ we had finished ours. cos we too hungry, i ate like a pig haahaa

After the shopping, i can feel my arms acheing due to the shopping bags >_<
nw is still painful :(
I too weak lah haha

Our shopping bags ^^

Quite a number of bags rite ^^
haha not forgetting Qian's big powerpuff gals and Michelle's big watermelon cushion ^^

Is an enjoyable day ^^
especially wif creepy kamx
love u gals

大头虾 [ 1:14 AM ]


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