My Life ^^ Friday, December 09, 2005

Life in Singapore is always good ^^
wif all the love ones by my side
Love them to the max

hee eheee i lead a healthy life ^^
swimming, gym and tennis wif Michelle and Peixin

Healthy Life Style ^^
Some of the Pic tat we haf taken ^^

The Fuck vs The Rot.....
haa ahaa is Michelle and Me lah....
trying to act pro.... but failed miserably.......

Next we haf.....

The Weak vs The Fuck
Aiya is Peixin and Michelle ^^
look pro and cute rite haha

Last Pic......
is tada......

The Rot and The Weak
see i was wearing my 4E7 T-shirt
love tat T-shirt alot cos is comfortable
wat we doing???? fooling ard before the game.......
using the racket as guitar

Erm we played for like 1 hr plus under the hot sun >_<
Then, we went for Gym and Sauna ^^
Such A Healthy Life

We Baked^^
hee ehee i mentioned in my previous post tat me, michelle and Eve, we baked cake and cookies
it tasted realli nice
Let's see our ingredients^^

Ohh in a mess hee ehee
oki wat we haf????
mashed banana, butter, sugar and eggs hee ehee

we were going to bake banana cake ^^

haaa ahaa the baker^^

Me and Michelle holding eggs and flour..... the important ingredients
Tat's me trying to sieve the flour..... but turned out to be a mess........

Me and Eve surrounding the mixer hee eehee
trying to mix all the ingredients together haaa ahaa

After the ingredients were mixed.....
Eve folded in the banana^^

The cake is ready to be mix ^^

Our Cake

Looked nice rite hee ehee it tasted even better ^^
although was not tat sweet but the banana tasted great

Erm ya next we baked cookies heee ehee

The ingredients, let's see wat they were, honey, egg, brown sugar, salt and flour
the dough.... ya it looked awful
see the product...... looked delicious rite hee eehee

Our faces ^^
hw we looked like after the baking session

Tada..... we were sosososo happy
yeah the cake and cookies baking session was successful
hee eheee thanks Eve for everything ^^

Next post will be our KTV session ^^
too tired to blog nw
going to sleep Yawnz....

大头虾 [ 1:27 AM ]


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