Elizabeth Arden ^^ Friday, December 09, 2005

yeah i went to the Elizabeth Arden warehouse sale ^^
erm dun realli use this brand, cos dun realli suit me hee ehee
The things I bought on tat day.......

the white box is for my mum (Christmas Present) hope is good ^^
wat else????
my make-up kit, lotion, nail polish and shimmering body powder ^o^

My make-up kit ^^ (Star buy)

I like the packaging alot ^^

here's the content ^^

Nice rite ^^
eye-shadow, blusher and etc.....
erm..... was wondering when i will use it

but i will use it asap ^o^

KTV Session ^^
My first singing session wif half of the Creepy Kamx ^^
Venue: Woodlands (Party World)
haahaaa we juz love singing.......
but we took lots of pics too ^^

Me, Michelle, Xin and Qian ^^
erm Xue xue not inside cos she was helping us to take this pic
we asked her to take while she was singing >_<
Pai seh arh Xue xue ^o^

we sang for like 4 hours ^^
Xin sang a song call the "Da She Dou"
It was so funny tat i couldn't stop laughing ^^
but is nice lah ^^

More pics of Me wif my dearies ^^

Me and Michelle fooling ard while others were singing ^^
Me and Qian posed for the camera while Xue xue was concentrating on her singing at the backgrd ^o^

Xin, Xue and I were taking pics while waiting for our turn to sing ^^

Is so fun ^^
Love them alot

大头虾 [ 4:28 PM ]


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