My Poly-Classmates ^^ Monday, December 19, 2005

Yeah dinner wif my Poly-classmates ^^
It has been a long time since i last saw them

Some backgrd information ^^ :
We were frm Temasek Poly doing diploma in Chemical Engineering
Best classmates ^^ Three yrs in Poly were fun wif them ard

We were in the same class, but last yr due to attachment and different modules...... we haf less time together......

Dinner we had steamboat ^^
Lots of food

hee ehee we juz love to take pics
Here were some of the pics taken ^^

Start of Steamboat

More Pics taken
Lihshin and Vivienne, Me and Celine ^^

Pics again

Vivienne and Me^^
She veri pretty rite

I was wondering whether we are having dinner???? or juz go there to take pics.....
but who cares...... as long as we are happy ^^

hee ehee Pohli came to join us

We take pic again
erm the pics veri blur cos of the smoke >_<

We ate alot >_< until Lihshin says she feels like puking

As we dine want to go home tat early...... and Vivienne still haf lots of story to tell so we went Citylink TCC to drink coffee

wat we did????
chit-chat haaa haaa we were juz soso talkative ^^
wat else????
take more pics of course


At the top, Celine and Peixuan
Vivienne, Lihshin, Me and Pohli

Muz meet up more often ^^

It was a wonderful nite ^^

Love u gals

大头虾 [ 2:05 AM ]


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