Dinner wif Creepy Kamx ^^ Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Did I mention tat I love Creepy Kamx ^^
haa ahaa i think i haf mentioned numerous times
yup is always fun and crazy wif them ard

we haf Christmas Dinner at Bakerzin ^^ at one fullerton
but Claire and Rong can't join us >_<
we will reunite soon

we take pics while waiting for the rest to come ^^

Me and My dear Michelle
hee ehee Xue xue see ur darling is taking pic wif me

Trying to act stupid haa ahaaa i think we succeed rite???
ahaa haaa.........

I dine take pics for our main course cos is juz pasta , pizza and etc.....
nothing special >_<

Here's are the dessert tat we ate ^^

Delicious rite ^^
the strawberry shortcake was nice cos i love strawberry ^^

but the star dessert of the day was...........

Isn't it beautiful ^^
is call Jivara
Mian introduce to us
the taste is heaven
looking at the pic makes me drool haa ahaaa

After the dinner we went to take pics again hee ehee

taking Pic of Michelle's whooo
haa ahaa merlion
Michelle this pic is for u ^^

Pics wif the gals

Me wif Qian and Eve ^^

Me and Xin

hee ehee Grp pics

Let me intro: frm the left
Eve, Angela, me and Xin ^^

Next we haf, Eve, Angela, Xuexue, Me and Mian ^^

we went to a pub near clark quey
haa ahaa a place tat i felt like sleeping ^^

Pics again ^^

Lying comfortably at the sofa

ehh michelle dine take wif u at the whoo

Me and Xue xue ^^

hee eheee before goin back........
we went to the bridge at the back of the fullerton hotel to take pics again ^^
haa ahaaa

Me, Mian and Qian ^^
the scenery nice rite ^^ Michelle is veri satisfied wif her skills hee ehee

The pic I love ^^

Looks like i am in genting ^^

hee ehee is always fun wif them ard

Belated Merry Christmas
Next yr Christmas Creepy Kamx will be united
yeah looking forward ^^

Muackie love love

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