Class Gathering (Temasek Poly) ^^ Saturday, December 31, 2005

Class Gathering ^^
finally get to see each other after returning like one mth............

erm, we haf dinner together ^^
get to see the guys, yeah
when was the last time that we met?????
ya is my birthday............
tat was like so bloody long ago..............
then i left for aussie................

Let's me introduce ^^

A formal pic (frm left to right)
At the top: Ray (not the same class but same cohord), David, Nic, Songbin, Say Yei, Zhihao
Then followed by Vivienne, Pohli, Me, Lihshin and Kinsang^^

An informal Pic ^^

erm not the whole class though hee ehee but still haa ahaaa
cos everyone is busy >_<

we had dinner at Fish & Co @ Glass Hse ^^

Me and David ^^
One of My best buddy in Tp
hahaha everyone thought he is, but he is a pure blooded chinese ^^

erm hw i get to noe him????????
yeah during our orientation
we were in the same cheer-leading grp ^^
same class too
A very nice guy hee ehee

next we haf........ ^_^

Nic, Songbin and Kinsang
Sorry Songbin ^^ too late the photo is snapped haa ahaaa
Songbin and Kinsang, my classmates since yr one
veri fun ppl hee ehee
Nic aka ah ma
he was in the same class wif me during yr 2 and 3
My ah ma for two yrs
why ah ma???? hee eheee secret ^^

Ray, Vivienne andLihshin and Say Yei
Cute couples ^^
Ray inrtoduce le
Vivienne, has been classmates for 3 yrs (we taking the same elective too PT)
she is so pretty rite hee ehee ^^ was once a SQ cabin crew

Lihsin and Say Yei same class for 3yrs too
Genius ^^ Top 5 hee ehee
Lihshin currently in NUS ^^
Say Yei in Army (hope he can come UNSW ^^ )

Me and PohLi
A veri clever lady ^^ hee ehee
veri independent

after dinner, the gals went MOS
as i dun wanna take cab alone cos scared (bad experience.........)
so i joined the guys to TCC, drink coffee and chit-chat

Me, Kinsang, David, SongBin, Nic ^^

the drinks tat we order

haaa ahaa sorry it was taken when the guys were eating.............
Kinsang was like saying
alamark u take nw, nt nice le.....
look like shit lah
haa ahaaa but who cares ^^

My rosebud tea ^^ taste realli nice ^^

Image hosted by

David's coffee taken by him
haaa ahaa this pic he took so long
trying to be artistic i think heee ehee

A wonderful nite wif them ^^
we were organising a next gathering
hope this time round all of them could join ^^

Love love

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