Dinner Gathering ^^ Friday, December 30, 2005

Family gathering ^^
every year, we will haf gathering on Christmas Eve
Is a muz
yeah, i m glad to be back to celebrate this festive season wif my love ones

I love the food ^^

hee ehee i juz love to eat
Oh no will get fat
but who cares haaa ahaaa

Let me introduce the chef of the day

my cousin, Hui, Aunt Audrey and Uncle ^^
I am extra, juz playing ard ^^
cos no one dares to eat the food tat i barbecue.......

Years ago........
when i was at chalet wif my darling

Me: Anyone wan chicken wing or hotdogs????
Claire: is it cooked?????
Me: i guess so........
Claire: ehhh can confirm?????
Me: erm...... turned black (charcoal means cooked)
Claire: OMG hw to eat????
Me: -_-
Me: u all so clever then u all cook lah

so frm then on, my family dun allow me to touch the food >_<...............
Is it tat bad?????

Barbecue food ^^


eekkk looks scary
before they were cooked..............


erm still looks like maggot >_<
haa ahaa no lah is actualli bacon wrapped wif mushroom
One of my cousin cried upon seeing it
although it looked ugly but it tasted realli nice

Creepy Kamx, I will barbecue for all of u during our chalet ^^
oki hee ehee

Family Photo

erm is juz part of our family cos others haf to work so coudn't make it

Is wonderful nite ^^
stay over at my aunt's hse cos goin church the next day ^^

My Christmas Presents in 2005

Cards ^^

Cards frm my poly fren, Creepy Kamx ^^


yeah ^^

I received lots of tops and skirt

hee eheee I love christmas ^^

wif all the ones tat i love ard me
I am realli fortunate
I feel so "Xin Fu"

Muackie love u all ^^

大头虾 [ 12:22 AM ]


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