Slacking..... Friday, January 06, 2006

haha I haf been slacking and slacking and slacking since the date 28 of Nov
was the date tat i came back >_<
so i haf decided to help out at my aunt's shop ^^

erm.... went to watch family stone wif Michelle and Xin
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dun realli like the show
is too slow
the ending was erm sad???? is sad the word????
cos the mother died due to illness
wat illness???? we think shld be breast cancer..................
"The Family Stone"
why stone???? cos their last name was stone.........
is abt a family gathering on christmas that is disrupted due to a wedding announcement

yup bought a new vcd "Swing Girls"
hee ehee i watched it wif Qian and Claire ^^
nice movie ^^ juz love it


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yeah today goin chalet ^^
the first will be family day
the second day is for "Creepy Kamx"

My first chalet wif the gals
hope it will be a fun day ^^ and Yong meng and Fuyuan can come cos i haven been seeing them for a long time

most importantly, i do hope no one will be "nian chow chow" = face black black

See u gals at the chalet ^^
love love

大头虾 [ 12:42 PM ]


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