Early Bird ^^ Sunday, February 19, 2006

heee eheeee Early Bird ^^
yeah i woke up real early ^^
at 10am
der............... haha consider quite late for those who woke up at 9am
I normally wake up at 1pm lor o.O

yeah went to eat breakfast wif Michelle, Qian and Xin ^^
Kuay Chap (correct spelling ???? arhhhh hack lah)
veri nice, love it
our first sunday breakfast
they eat two bowls of Kway
they forced me to eat too
heee eheee but my shi liang bian xiao le.......
is a joke haa haaaa (michelle will noe why..... cos of the kuishinbo haaa ahaaa)

I couldn't wake up >_< cos dine set alarm clock
lucky Qian called and woke me up ^^
heeee eheeeeee

nw at Hui2's hse ^^
her mimi so cute like fat choy
but she urine lor eeeekkkkkksssss haaa ahaaaa
haiz........ Hui watching WWF????
why arh??????/ she is explaining the game to me nw >_<
can I dun listen......... fan bai yen haaa ahaaaaa (covering my ears..........)
she says booing = more salary????
is it true heee eheee

Family Gathering
went for family gathering
BBQ ^^

my fav corner ^^

help relieve stress ^^

all my cousins were there ^^
love them muakie *winks*
will miss them dearly >_<
onli get to see them when i return in late nov

My grandma made "Dan Dan" for me to eat ^^

is even tastier than the one I had in Hong Kong.
but they find it disgusting.......... is it?????
but if u dun like, u juz dun like >_<
like Xin yen she felt like puking when she saw tat......

Conversation >_<
X: wat is tat
Me: Dan Dan
X: as in?????
Me: egg....
X: are we playing fear factor????
Me: no >__<......
X: Can i dun eat????
Me: is good for the skin
in less than half a min she finish the whole bowl
young gals ^^
is easy to make ^^
egg and milk tat's it
i will try to make when i am in aussie
cos is good for skin ^^
gals can try making it ^^
is good realli ^^

haa aahaaa at ard 7pm,
BBQ started..
cos it took like half an hr for my cousin juz to start the fire ^^
haaa haaa quite lousy rite (he insist in starting the fire cos he's frm scout)
>_< but my aunt did a better job hee eeheee
wat i did there?????
playing Maple Story, is juz like RO....
helping cousin to level her character
i admit is real childish o.O

Later we went for KTV ^^
Me and Stan, we sing Wu Ding
suppose to be a Love song......
but Stan wanted to sing the gal part
so can u imagine?????
is real erm...............................

Goody and Xin yen gave me a notebook ^^ departure pressie
is realli cute

Ya i cut my hair >_<
they say is much better
but haiz...............
too short
adv: is easier to comb ^^

listening to Ah Du song nw
quite nice leh although i never like him
nice nice ^^

Love Love

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