Pubbing wif SSA Saturday, March 18, 2006

i went pubbing wif my uni frens yesterday, friday
haiz........... is not tat fun >_<
the pub sucks to the core o.O
Initially we couldn't get to the private party which is located downstair of the pub.......
cos the person says is "FULL"
we haf no choice but to wait at the lounge...........
The atmosphere at the lounge is like OMG
It is juz like a "Smoking Chamber"
and the disco ball was as small as a football and the dance floor is pathetic-_-
can u believed it?????
is full of ang mo >_<
i even heard an ang mo who apparently wanted to noe this gal and go abt asking her this question,
"Are you a virgin????"
my fren and I were like OMG -_-
is it common???? maybe i veri mountian

btw we get to go the private party after like 1hr later
Guess wat???? is not crowded at all
is like so spacious lor
the SSA commitee members are like quite bitchy lor haa ahaa

I drank quite abit >_<
but the whole thing ended quite nasty >_<
cos Jon nearly get into a fight :(
is due to a grp of jerks who danced too close to us
i dine noe tat there is a guy dancing close behind me until Jon told me >_<
cos i was busy protecting Jan. So sick..........

Haiz i haf to stand in between them to stop them frm fighting -_-
Is realli a bad experience leh
dine encountered this kind of things before..........

I miss clubbing wif Creepy Kamx
Michelle, we dine go mambo leh >_<

p/s. Michelle: I think he is the female version of me lah. we think too much

Love Love

大头虾 [ 8:33 PM ]


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