Shopping at last ^^ Saturday, May 20, 2006

Although mention shopping............
but this shopping was done in a rush.........
guess wat we went to adidas shop today ^^
i bought a limited edition jacket
woohoo "is the miss piggy one"
couldn't find a pic of that
but check out the website
Adidas website
is under adicolor - P4
is cute ^^
they says looks cute on me
erm was wondering am i too old to be cute ???? >_<
actually i saw the pair of adidas shoe i wanted to get i think is the "superstar ll"
but i forgot which design but is the one that i saw this afternoon >_<
is limited ed too...........
haiz.......... i think i will juz forget it
well the limited thingy launched today at 9am we too kiasu so we reached there at 1pm after our yoga haaahaaa

heehee we went Lindt cafe at Martin's place

Lindt chocolate ^^

The cafe ^^

well the chocolate is good but not realli that fantastic
maybe we haf set too high expectation for tat >_<
erm i still prefer max brenner
i feeling quite sick after so many chocolate...........

heehee ^^

haiz......... have to go back do my work >_<
too little time and too many things to be done...........
i muz bear wif it ^^

Love Love

大头虾 [ 6:34 PM ]


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