Backie ^^ Friday, December 01, 2006

Woohoo back at last ^^
holiday............. yeah...............
Love it hehe

four days after exam were realli busy >_<
moving house and buying christmas pressies ^^

hehe almost forgot i went "Tank" the other day with Daddy and Erica
is realli fun, i like it
we drank quite alot
and i puke in front of daddy haaa ahaa
oooppsss.............. is becoz of the bumpy ride hm >_<

but nw i am back hm
yeah ^^
and we exchange pre-christmas pressies
will open one by one for 24 days
happy ^^
will post each day abt the pressie
oki tat's all for today

My dear daddy, " Good Luck for your work tml"

Love Love

大头虾 [ 1:31 AM ]


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