Singing ^^ Monday, December 04, 2006

hehe went singing with Hui2 today
yup onli the two of us ^^
juz like having concert ^^

i simply love to sing

opened my fourth pressie
Frosties ^^ my fav.
I love to eat too >_<
i can eat non-stop -_-
juz like today, i finish all the snacks and fruits
all by myself cos Hui2 is not eating
not forgetting 3 glass of fruit punch -_-
i think i gain lots of weight >_<
goin for a morning jog soon
haf to or else will be fat fat

almost forgot, i get a hair-cut ^^
the last time i had it is frm toni and guy >_<
and it cost me AUD79
expensive -_-


大头虾 [ 9:58 PM ]


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