Stare....... Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wat with the stare???
can't i even joke abt it...... ur situation now is much more AI MEI than me ok....... why am i always the one accepting the jokes tat u guys made....... even if i do get angry..... do u guys even care???? why is it when i joke abt it, i get the stare frm u two??? how fair is tat???? even if "he" came to u and asked u guys to stop, did u stop???? NO..... in the end u guys just told "him" tat "we all are like tat wat...." wat the hell is this...... the reason of why u guys stop making fun of me now is becoz "Me and him are not close anymore...." becoz of u guys' stupid nonsense.... i haf lost someone close to me...... and when i haf a chance to joke abt it u guys juz stare at me.... I mean WTF is tat...... onli u guys can do it and not me...... wat u think i am "a clown is it??????" for god sake.......


大头虾 [ 7:47 PM ]


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